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People for Peace, Love, and Free Feelings

People Giving Happy

1/22/05 09:44 am - egeste

Hey all, New song on my website - don't be shy, go check it out. It's a euro-housy-dancy/jazzy type thing.



8/29/04 11:40 pm - peaceandjustice

I just joine with an International Socialist Orginization. I'm going to connect them with pplff, and hopefully get some good back up.

Thanks to all the new members...Spread the Happy!

8/29/04 01:59 am - moonebula

Peace, love and joy.

Such wonderful things, I actually wish everyone felt what it feels to experience pure and pleasurable joy.

It's so hard to stay happy all the time when people are so sad.


8/28/04 10:27 pm - peaceandjustice - Greetings

Hello and welcome to People for Peace, Love, and Free Feelings. Some rules for posting...

No insults, no threats, no harrasment.

That's about it. But remember this orgization is supposed to be happy, so lets try and keep it that way.

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